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Madalina Buzdugan


Fixer of things, Madalina gets her kicks from getting the job done and moving forward. A traveler at heart, she's lived in the US, Belgium and Norway before she found her way to the Netherlands. You can get her on your side by knowing your wine or speaking fluent sarcasm.

Posts by Madalina Buzdugan


Finding a way out: Southampton Geothermal Heating Company

How does a city deal with its increasing air pollution problem? Read this blog post about the city Southampton and their innovative energy solution. In partnership with ENGIE they found a way to save 10, 000 tonnes of CO2 each year by pioneering the Southampton District Energy Scheme (SDES).

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5 EV forecasts from the energy industry

What happens when you put hundreds of EV advocates in one place? The world’s biggest eMobility brainstorm. Over 500 participants tackled 4 pressing topics from the industry at rEVolution this year.

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