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It’s time to make up for polluting our environment with Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI)

May 7, 2018 | Madalina Buzdugan

Picture this: a city identifies the huge potential its local talent has, nurtures it, helps it go to market, and as a result, pushes its own economy forward. Fiction? Not in Los Angeles.

 LA has launched the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), a business incubator with a mission to accelerate the development of cleantech start-ups. It offers flexible office space, CEO coaching, and access to an extensive network of specialists and capital. LACI is a non-profit organization that helps accelerate the commercialization of their clean technologies on top of accelerating new products developed by innovative entrepreneurs.

Their sustainable initiatives include a solar panel rooftop, a greywater filtration and irrigation system, and a net-zero energy facility which uses solar film and thermos paint throughout.

The importance of EVs

The connection with zero-emission transportation can’t be missed from the equation. To promote the important transition to electric mobility in LA, LACI has electrified 14 parking spots in their lot. Furthermore, they plan to double that number in the coming years, while also adding DC fast charging to their portfolio. We’ve asked them what the biggest benefit of having EV charging stations on-site is and love their answer:

The number of people who work here have actually bought EVs because we have those chargers on site. It allows them to charge here at work. People definitely wanted more. During business hours, our parking attendant takes the keys from each EV so they can move out the cars once they’re fully charged and move in the cars that need to be charged. In this manner, we use our EV charging stations to their maximum potential. 


Why work with EVBox?

They supply smart chargers, which allow us to track data on the charging stations and integrate that data into the platforms we’re planning to use on our campus in the future. Because of the ability to track and monitor EVs, we’d like to look at EVBox as a potential solution to double our number of chargers.

Positive impact

Through their variety of sustainable initiatives and their EV commitment, LACI is already contributing positively in their community. They’ve calculated their metric equivalent of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and the results are impressive.

LACI has reduced 249,854,023 lbs of GHG in 2016, the equivalent of removing 13,034 cars from the streets of USA. Metric users, fear not—this means 113, 331,877 kg of GHG.

On top of that, they’ve generated 94,974,250 kWh of electricity, which is enough to power 9,328 homes for one year.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 10.26.36

Find out more about their impact on the community from their official report. 

Getting more organizations on board

States like California already have regulations in place to help the EV industry grow and resolve their own air pollution problems. According to Green Car Reports, the California Building Code requires all new constructions to be wired for Level 2 electric-car charging. Among other initiatives, they also require that parking lots with more than 100 spaces have sufficient electrical capacity to accommodate charging stations for 3 percent of those spaces. How exciting for all EV lovers out there!

LACI thinks this is how we can get more companies to adopt the sustainability mindset:

“Here in California, there’a good number of regulation in place to support the development of the EV industry. We’ve found that employees really appreciate you making commitments to sustainability as it shows you care about improving the environment for them and their families. 

A great way to demonstrate this interest in a better future is to encourage EV charging and install those EV chargers at the closest points to your building. This way, you encourage them to buy EVs so they can be the first ones to use those. I think that we all need to take our part in how we’re currently addressing mobility options and how we use transportation. Because we were severely polluting our environment until now, we have to make up for this.”

What do you think: how can we get more companies to be sustainable and join us on our mission for an emissions-free future?

Dive deeper and learn more about LACI & other partners in our Workplace & Lease Case study.

Download case study

Big thanks to Ben Stapleton, Chief Partnerships Officer of Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), for helping out with this case study and giving us an in-depth understanding of LACI and its impact on the community.

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