The Future of Sustainable Transport

17th July of 2018 - After the third time snoozing the alarm of my smartphone, I drag myself out of bed. The kids need breakfast before they leave for school and I’ve got a full agenda for the day. 

Enjoying our family breakfast, as the newly-risen sun beams through the living room and across our glasses of juice. Meanwhile, I start my Tesla and turn on the air conditioning via mobile app, almost ready to depart for the day.

Future of Sustainable Transport

The Tesla pulls up to the door, I jump in and wave to the kids as they start their walk to school. I arrive at work, park, and start my charging session remotely via EV-Box's mobile charging app.

A typical day at the office full of meetings, emails, and conversations. Around mid-morning I leave for a meeting that is taking place 5km away form my office. It’s a beautiful day, so I decide to rent an e-bike for this short trip, allowing me to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Future of Sustainable Transport

As I arrive at the meeting, I notice that the client has added a small charging station dedicated to bicycles, perfect.

We've been in discussions for a new e-mobility project. We want to evolve the way employees use ride-sharing services and have their cloud applications synchronized across the company.

The meeting wrapped up and I am invited to lunch with them. We walk to a nearby seafood restaurant (my favorite!) inside a well known food hall.

Future of Sustainable Transport

The walk is pleasant and the conversation is engaging: the differences between the Dutch and Belgian cultures (particularly interesting to me considering my Belgian roots and current Dutch address).

As lunch finishes, the restaurant owner offers his business card and informs me that they have partnerships with self-driving car companies and can ask one to come and take me back to my office. I haven't yet experienced a self-driving car (I know, it's 2018... I should have done it already!), so I happily accept the offer!

Future of Sustainable Transport

The car arrives and quickly greets me and asks for directions. I thoroughly enjoy the ride as I do a quick check of my inbox.

The work day is starting to wrap up.  I enjoy a drink with my colleagues at the weekly Friday Happy Hour. The mood is celebratory as we've closed a couple of important deals this week and are getting ready to introduce a new partnership around urban driving and clean energy with an important customer.

My wife texts me some updates regarding our evening and dinner plans, and I decide to begin my journey towards home. EV-Box sends me a notification that my EV car is 90% charged already. Perfect timing! I start the engine remotely and setup a queue of calls I want to have while driving home.

Future of Sustainable Transport

The kids have also arrived home and are ready to go. As we're a family of five people we decide to take the electric bus to our dinner destination, a very convenient and stress-free option.

We check when the bus is arriving to the nearby station and start walking there. It's great that the city has evolved to a point where the city transport card contains miles and points that allows all of us to enjoy the electric bus at no extra charge.

Future of Sustainable Transport

A short trip and 6 stations later, we arrive at the open-air restaurant. Our friends have already begun arriving and some are plugging in their cars so they can charge during dinner.

The evening continues on late into the evening, time flies! The electric buses are no longer running so we decide to take advantage of the many car sharing services and ask for an electric Uber SUV. Tonight it will be Mr. van Pelt taking us home.

Future of Sustainable Transport

The service is impeccable as usual and we arrive home without any trouble. The weekend is just starting and a lot of activities with kids and friends are planned out already.

As I lay down in bed, it occurs to me just how impressive the evolution of the transport system has been. We've come to enjoy a fully sustainable way of moving around: walking, biking, using our own car or even ride sharing services available at any point in time.

All electric, without any CO2 emissions, silent and enjoyable. Connectivity without any of the consequences.

Can't wait to see what my day will look like in 2025.


Infographic: Future of Sustainable Transport

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