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Join us in the race to zero emissions

January 1, 2016 | EVBox

The 20 hottest years on record have occurred in the past 22 years, according to the World Meteorological Organization. Unless immediate steps are taken, global temperatures will continue to rise.

The Current, powered by Team EVBox, is here to help you participate in the race to zero emissions.

With this platform, we promise:

  • To inform, educate, and entertain with easy-to-digest pieces on the topics of Sustainability, Cleantech, and the Future of Transportation.
  • To provide quality content backed by notable sources, reliable data, and our 10+ years of experience in the EVSE and cleantech industry.
  • To help every human being play their part in ensuring a livable planet for future generations.

Join us.


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Updates right from the beating heart of the clean tech industry

Updates from the beating heart of the cleantech industry

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