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Roger Atkins - Founder, Electric Vehicle Outlook


From electric guitars to electric cars Roger has been on a colourful journey! After a couple of decades singing the praises of combustion engines he changed his tune a decade ago to become an EV advocate. Musician turned business consultant, his 'Electric Vehicles Outlook' consultancy has been busy with automotive, finance, mining, and energy clients, as well as publicly sharing an EV narrative on the LinkedIn platform where he now has in excess of 200,000 followers. A trio of start-ups behind him:- online car retailing at Virgin cars: amphibious vehicles with Gibbs: and electric trucks at Modec, he now acts as Brand Ambassador for SAIC Europe, and Rimac Automobili, as well as helping French start-up Paris Electric and Gao Feng Advisory in China.

Posts by Roger Atkins - Founder, Electric Vehicle Outlook



How Formula E is helping change the perception of driving electric

The FIA Formula E (E for Electric of course!) championship has plugged into the zeitgeist of these days of environmental consciousness and, more importantly, stirred multiple players into action!

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