Everything you need to get started with EV charging

Last Updated: 5/4/2023

To get started with EV charging, your location needs a couple of key ingredients: convenient places for charging ports and access to electricity. That’s good news for site owners who already possess these assets—more than most businesses, locations with public-facing parking spots are already well-equipped to capitalize on the EV revolution.

To get started with EV charging, your location needs a couple of key ingredients: convenient places for charging ports and access to electricity. That’s good news for site owners who already possess these assets—more than most businesses, locations with public-facing parking spots are already well-equipped to capitalize on the EV revolution.

A complete EV charging solution contains three parts:

  1. Charging stations
  2. Charging management software
  3. Services to keep everything running smoothly

You’ll want to select a charging solutions provider with experience helping businesses like yours—one that offers everything you need, and the expertise to help you figure out exactly what that is. From flexible charging stations to intelligent software and professional support and services, EVBox’s end-to-end solutions offer a simple path to becoming an EV charging destination.

How to choose the right EV charging solution

US Stations

Not all charging solutions are created the same and it’s important to understand what key features to be aware of before making a purchase. The stations you choose will be a reflection of your brand, so it’s a good idea to pick something that’s reliable, accessible, and intelligent. Here’s what allows EVBox charging stations to tick all these boxes:

Reliable - Our stations are built to last for years to come, flexible enough to adapt and grow as the market evolves, and backed by a support team of industry experts.

  • High uptime
  • UL safety certification
  • Built-in electrical protections
  • OCPP compliant (no vendor lock-in or stranded assets)
  • Support and services
  • 3-year warranty (extendable to 5-year)

Accessible - Our stations are easy and comfortable to use for every EV driver, with a sleek design that reflects your brand.

  • ADA-compliance (accessible to people with disabilities) *
  • Ergonomic cable management †
  • Multi-language touchscreen *
  • Guiding LED lights
  • Custom branding options

Intelligent - Our stations make the most efficient use of your available energy, and enable you to monitor, adjust, and update your setup remotely at any time.

  • Connected with Wi-Fi and/or 4G/LTE
  • Bluetooth commissioning *
  • Remote maintenance and setup adjustments
  • Smart charging functionalities
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Real-time activity monitoring

* not available on BusinessLine
available on BusinessLine with peripheral retractor kit

Why you need charging management software

EVBox charging management software

In order to maximize the profit and performance of your charging stations, charging management software is key. This software, which runs on your charging stations, provides you with a centralized view of your entire EV charging ecosystem via a web portal or mobile app interface. With charging management software, you get full control over a number of customizable station settings, such as pricing, power output, station access, and more. 

Charging management software also allows you to pre-set conditions that tell your stations how to efficiently distribute your available energy. That way, no matter how many cars pull up looking for a charge, they can activate their session without exceeding your grid capacity. You can even schedule reductions in output during high energy usage times, ensuring that you don’t get hit with peak demand surcharges.

There are a lot of terrific charging management software providers out there, and no one-size-fits-all solution. One provider may have a more feature-rich platform, while another has a lower monthly fee. Selecting the right charging management software is all about finding the intersection between what you need and what you’re comfortable investing in. With EVBox, you get the freedom to choose the right software provider from our extensive list of top-tier network partners, and access to our team of EV experts to ensure that you’re making an informed decision. 

It’s also important to note that your ideal solution today may not be the same as what you’ll need in the future. The EV industry is growing fast and you want to make sure that you get a solution that is flexible enough to adapt to your needs. That’s why all of our stations are Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant. The definition of open standards within the EV charging industry, OCPP ensures that you can switch your software at any time without having to replace your hardware. So, no matter what the future may hold, you’ll never be locked into a relationship with a single vendor. 

Support and services every step of the way

Construction workers on rooftop

When it comes to setting up your charging stations, it’s important that installation is carried out by certified technicians to ensure that your charging stations are up and running quickly and operating smoothly. It’s also important to have a reliable support team to ensure that your customers are promptly assisted if they face any issues and to keep your stations well maintained for years to come.

To help you with this, our extensive network of expert EV charging installers and technicians provide site owners like yourself with peace of mind in knowing that your EV charging setup comes with all the necessary services, support, and training for optimal operation and maintenance. This includes everything from expert installation to remote technical support, on-site intervention, and ongoing maintenance. Leverage EVBox’s global network of top-tier installation and service partners to turn your business into a premier EV charging location.

Do you know about the funding available? 

US Funding Available

There are tons of rebates available right now to help you save thousands on the cost of your charging stations and make-ready expenses. In many cases, these rebates can get you everything you need for free. 

In the United States, any location that installs EV charging can file the Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Refueling Property Credit for a 30 percent refund on the cost of their EV charging hardware (up to $30,000).

In addition, many state and local agencies, as well as utilities, have issued incentives to offset the project costs for procuring and installing EV charging stations. 

For example, in New York, businesses can apply for the Charge Ready NY rebate from NYSERDA to get $4,000 back for every charging port they install. Meanwhile, NY utilities have issued programs that cover the “make-ready” costs for preparing a location to have EV charging installed. By combining these two programs, qualifying locations throughout the state could wind up getting their entire EV charging project completed for free.

To see what incentives are available in your area, check with the Alternative Fuel Data Center (AFDC) or Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) for a full picture of the EV charging incentive landscape in North America.

Rely on EVBox as your turnkey partner

Looking for an all-in-one charging solution? EVBox offers the full package of hardware, software, and services so you have everything you need to get started. With over a decade of experience developing charging solutions for businesses like yours, we’re here for you every step of your e-mobility journey. 

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