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Meet EVBox Iqon, the flexible EV charging station made for people

November 11, 2020 | Sam Bourne

At EVBox, we envision a world where electric vehicles rule the road and where charging your car is as easy as finding a parking spot, whether you’re at work, picking up groceries, or on a road trip.

When it came time to introduce our newest Level 2 charging station, EVBox Iqon, we ensured every detail was ready for the EV future that is nearly here. Created to serve an array of locations, from workplaces to commercial sites to public parking and fleets, EVBox Iqon is designed to be as simple as you want and as flexible as you need it to be.

In the U.S. today, 1.6 million EVs are on the road. By 2040, nearly 60 percent of global car sales are expected to be electric. This is the time to invest so that you’re ready — not only for next year but for a future that will be driven by EVs. By preparing now, you can make sure that the people who are important to your business don’t drive away.

That's why we’ve spent more than ten years helping build and expand the global EV charging infrastructure, from the citywide public electrification of our hometown, Amsterdam, to the more than 150,000 charging ports we’ve installed all over the world, including in the U.S. and Canada.

Along the way, we’ve learned how to best serve the people who drive EVs and those who host charging stations. We build our products, so they're easy for your customers or employees to use and even easier for you to install and manage.

No matter which brand of charging station you select, we think certain elements are critical when providing EV charging. We made sure EVBox Iqon comes equipped with all of them. So that when you invest in Iqon stations, you become instantly prepared for — and get out ahead of — the EV future that’s knocking at the door.

Here are a few of the ways EVBox Iqon makes your business future-proof:



1. Iqon extends hospitality to guests and makes life easier for employees, starting at the curb.

  • LED light guides
    These help drivers easily identify charging locations so they can quickly find a spot to park and charge. Once charging, colored light rings display the status of each charging session, from “ready to charge” and “charging” to “session complete” and more.

  • 8” LCD touchscreen
    Drivers can easily understand how to use EVBox Iqon thanks to its intuitive touchscreen display, with instructions available in up to four languages of your choice. The screen “wakes up” when a driver approaches and gives users audible feedback, making every interaction a simple, easy one.

  • Smart cable management
    Our proprietary counter-weighted cable management system makes the cables easy to pull, keeps them taut and suspended when plugged in, and safely retracts them when charging is complete. And with auto-locking cable holsters, you won’t need to worry about your plugs being left on the ground where they could become damaged or a tripping hazard.

  • Wheelchair accessibility
    Iqon is ADA-compliant right out of the box. All access points (charging cables, touch screen) are easy to reach from any height and intuitive to use.



2. Iqon enhances your building’s exterior and shows customers your commitment to a better planet.

  • Durable, sleek design
    Iqon’s stainless steel housing not only provides a modern aesthetic that enhances nearby buildings, it also ensures that Iqon will look great for years. Designed to balance form and function, Iqon has been recognized with a 2019 Red Dot Award, a 2019 iF Design Award, and a 2019 CES Innovation Honoree.

  • Standout physical features
    Iqon's tall silhouette and distinctive embedded glow strips make your site stand out. EV drivers will always recognize your location as an attractive, reliable charging destination.



3. Iqon keeps your setup and operations simple and flexible.

  • Easy setup
    Iqon comes as a single piece out of the box. It’s simple to set up, with streamlined installation and Bluetooth commissioning via the EVBox Connect app.

  • WiFi and 4G/LTE capabilities
    Iqon is always connected to the Cloud. That means from your phone, tablet or laptop, you can monitor your station activity, adjust charging rates, control user groups and access, and even update Iqon’s software and firmware.

  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant
    As your EV charging needs change, your Iqon stations can adapt and grow with them. Since Iqon, like all EVBox charging stations, is Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant, owners have the freedom to choose the right hardware and software combination for their needs. And you can change your setup at any time without needing to replace hardware — saving you money, time, and headaches.



4. Iqon is an investment in energy efficiency, safety and reliability.

  • Peak efficiency
    Iqon can be configured in clusters of up to 20 ports (10 stations) that act as a single entity, allowing the stations to communicate and use energy as efficiently as possible. With a dedicated kWh meter inside every Iqon, the charging station can track energy usage and schedule critical adjustments with precision.

  • Proven safety
    Iqon meets or exceeds the UL testing facility’s rigorous requirements. Underwriter Laboratories (UL) third-party certification is the North American standard for electronics and appliance testing. By subjecting products to a series of standardized performance tests, UL ensures that everything they certify is safe and reliable.


The result after installing EVBox Iqon? Happy, satisfied EV drivers who will park at and visit your company or organization, again and again. That’s part of our vision for the EV future, too.


Let’s talk

At EVBox, we have years of experience helping people connect with EVs by meeting them where they are. We are always available to guide you as you navigate your options. Reach out to our EVBoxers to talk anytime. We can show you which rebates and tax credits may be available to use toward your new charging stations and answer any questions you have.

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