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Aerial shot of 2 cars charging at EVBox Troniq Modular DC fast charging stations at a charging hub near a highway

3 revenue models for commercial rapid EV charging stations

DC rapid-charging infrastructure is being installed at an exponential rate and is crucial to the improved viability of...

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Electrical engineers and project managers scoping out a possible DC charging hub location.

How to identify profitable DC charging locations

The profitability of your DC rapid-charging site depends largely on its location, which covers factors from quality of...

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A lady charging her car at an EVBox Troniq Modular ultra-rapid charging station at night.

CPOs, Charge Point Owners, and EMSPs explained

Charge point operators (CPOs), e-mobility service providers (EMSPs), and charge point owners play a crucial role in the...

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Two people stand next to their EV as one of them charges it using an EVBox Troniq Modular fast-charging station.

The current state of the DC charging market

Last year, the number of rapid chargers in the UK increased by 814 units, leading to a total of 8,461 chargers in the...

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A woman interacts with the screen of the EVBox Troniq Modular fast-charging station

4 Key investment strategies for DC rapid charging

This article illuminates the growing potential of the DC rapid charging industry and the importance of effective...

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Two cars charging simultaneously at an EVBox Troniq Modular DC charging station.

Emerging calibration laws in the fast EV charging market

Calibration laws are legal frameworks adopted by countries around the world to ensure public EV charging stations...

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A meeting where the management team explores the possibilities of installing EV charging stations at the workplace.

How to install EV chargers at the workplace?

Regardless of the type or model of charger you choose (or how much one costs), installing EV charging stations is...

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Man uses an EVBox Liviqo AC charging station to charge his electric car.

What do workplace EV chargers cost?

On average, AC workplace EV chargers tend to cost around £1,100 per charge port (excluding installation costs)....

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A parking lot at a workplace location with 4 EVBox Troniq Modular DC fast charging stations installed and a blue car charging.

How to prepare your workplace for installing EV chargers

Installing EV charging stations at your workplace is a significant investment, so it’s important to consider the...

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