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Sleep 'n charge: EV charging for hotels

November 25, 2015 | Vivian Zhou

There's nothing worse than the moment you realize you forgot to charge your phone last night. Been there, done that. In this day and age, charging while you sleep has become the norm. EVBox believes that charging electric cars should be as simple as charging your phone – fast and easy, ready when and wherever you are. Hotels play an integral role in achieving this goal.

Charging stations have not only become a necessity for many travellers on the road, more and more we also depend on electric taxis and shuttle buses to help us get around. It's no surprise that major hotels, such as the Marriott and the Hilton in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the US, and soon in the Middle East, have now widely adopted EV charging stations at their parking facilities.

By operating charging stations at lodging facilities, not only will you attract EV driving customers and travel transport companies, but your guests will also benefit from the most essential part of their stay - a good night's sleep.

icon eye insights noticeGET NOTICED

Put yourself on the EV-friendly hospitality options map for car rental and travel transport companies. EV drivers will also be directed to your resort via mobile apps that locate EV Charging stations.

icon smiley servicePAMPER YOUR GUESTS

Allow EV drivers to charge during the most practical time of their trip - while they're asleep. Impress loyalty customers by providing them with personal Charging Cards with your unique branding.

icon grey minimal efficiency energyBE EFFICIENT

Easily manage and gain insights into multiple charging stations on one single online platform. Prevent overcapacity and guarantee safe charging at all times, without affecting any of your other facilities.

icon check rewardsGAIN REWARDS

Attract EV drivers to charge at your facility and generate additional revenue streams through customisable charging tariffs. Build a network of trusted clients that support your sustainable approach.

icon shopping hotel brandingTREAT YOURSELF

Seamlessly integrate your hotel design and brand identity with your new charging infrastructure. Treat yourself with branded charging stations showcasing your corporate colors and logo, so they're always looking their best. 

icon sustainability greenGO GREEN

Present your lodging facility as an environmentally conscious organization. Together we can work towards a more sustainable future.

Did we spark your interest? We've selected the best charging solutions for your lodging facility in this brochure. Feel free to ask for a quotation here. The EVBox team is passionate about helping you find the best solution for your guests' EV charging needs.

Looking for a hotel offering charging services? Locate one here.

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