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A mother and father explaining the concept of solar panels to their daughter in their garden.

Smart Charging for Solar EV Systems: What is possible today?

There are a variety of smart solutions available, capable of optimizing your solar EV charging system in different...

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A couple smiling at each other while looking up their current utility bill.

Can solar EV charging save you money?

Charging your EV using household solar panels can indeed save you money on your utility bills. How much money solar EV...

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A couple are charging their EV using EVBox Livo.

How to optimize your solar set-up for charging electric cars at home

There are several ways EV drivers can optimize a homegrown solar system to ensure their EV recharging needs are met....

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Solar panels are working on cloudy days.

Can solar panels still charge an EV on a cloudy day?

In short, yes. Solar panels still work on cloudy days and can still be used to recharge your EV. Solar panel technology...

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A man holding a battery shaped art piece.

The role of battery storage in home solar EV charging

It’s easy to understand the appeal of solar power. Unlike fossil fuels, it is available anywhere in the world in...

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A father showing a solar panel to his daughter.

How reliable are solar panels for charging electric cars?

Solar panels are generally very reliable for charging electric vehicles at home. Solar panels can help bring down...

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A man holding his daughter while counting the number of solar panels on their rooftop.

How many solar panels do you need to charge an electric car?

Taking a popular electric SUV, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 Long Range AWD, as our example vehicle, which has an energy...

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A family are waiting for their EV to be charged.

How do home solar panels work for EV charging?

Solar EV chargers are no different from regular home chargers for your electric car, with one exception: they can...

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A woman waiting for her car to be charged with solar panels installed at her home.

How long does it take to charge a car battery with solar? 

A typical home solar setup comprising of ten 300W panels that receive on average 6.02 hours of peak sunlight per day,...

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