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The story you tell when you offer EV charging

December 2, 2020 | EVBox

The decision to add EV charging stations at your location is not just about hardware — how many charging stations to buy or where to put them. Hosting EV charging adds a whole new chapter to your organization’s sustainability story, one that declares your commitment to the environment and to people who are choosing cleaner transportation options. 

  • Adding charging stations for electric vehicles announces to the growing population of EV drivers that you’re ready to serve them. Already, 1.6 million electric cars are on the road in the U.S. By 2030, more people will be buying electric vehicles than gas cars. Your current and future customers and employees are the ones driving this shift. 
  • Offering EV charging stations makes your sustainability goals tangible. It shows your community that you’re reducing carbon emissions and protecting the planet every day. 
  • Millions of drivers are considering going electric for their next car. By installing EV chargers, you’re helping would-be EV drivers in your area feel confident about making the switch. 


How EVBox helps you tell your sustainability story

While installing EV charging stations from any vendor is a step in the right direction, choosing the right company to work with can further strengthen your sustainability story. It’s important to partner with a company that shares your values of environmental responsibility, market leadership, and consideration for the diverse needs of your employees and customers. 

When you invest in EV charging from EVBox, you can leverage our leadership in shaping the future of transportation to support your sustainability efforts in your company and community. 

“When you add EVBox charging to your site, you become part of our multi-layered sustainability story,” says Gianpaolo Casciano, who leads marketing and growth for EVBox in North America. “It’s a story that will add authenticity to your own.”



Gianpaolo Casciano

Head of Marketing & Growth
North America

At EVBox, we’ve spent ten years helping build a global infrastructure for electric vehicles. Along the way, we’ve installed more than 200,000 charging ports in the U.S., Canada, and around the world. 

But we’ve always been about much more than hardware. Our mission is to build a world where everyday transport is fully electric and emission-free. 

“We want to make charging your car as easy as finding a parking spot,” Gianpaolo says.

To get there, we’re heavily invested in educating people all over the world about electric transportation, lobbying for government policies that speed EV adoption, and steering our industry toward a more collaborative landscape that makes it simple for drivers to access the EV charging they need.



Gianpaolo points to REVOLUTION, the global e-mobility conference that EVBox Group  hosts each year, as a prime example of our company commitment to raising awareness and improving what people know about electric vehicles. 

“We started REVOLUTION five years ago so that we could drive and shape the EV industry in ways that will accelerate the shift toward electric transportation. We wanted to create a space where anyone who is interested in the future of sustainable transportation, from students to industry leaders, could get together to educate and inspire one another,” he says. 

Over the years, we’ve grown REVOLUTION into one of the world’s largest e-mobility events, with more than 1,000 attendees at our 2019 gathering. We’ve had the honor of welcoming the sharpest minds and sustainability pioneers to the REVOLUTION stage, from successful CEOs and world-renowned authors to cleantech entrepreneurs, climate change experts, NASA astronauts, and more. 

The next REVOLUTION (which will happen virtually on December 8) will feature more stars of sustainability and business. We’ll examine a range of timely topics, including the critical role of funding opportunities such as tax credits and utility rebates for businesses that install EV charging. We’ll also talk about how U.S. states are working to make EVs as accessible as gas-powered transport is today. (See more of the agenda and register for REVOLUTION here.)

The purpose of REVOLUTION has always been to spark fresh thinking and energize people in the e-mobility industry to do more — together and faster — to get our world to a fully-electrified future as soon as possible. How soon? Just last month, we announced our role in another important initiative that holds the answer.


Advocating for a zero-emission future

At EVBox, we work with several associations and organizations to advocate for clean mobility across the United States. Some of these include the Alliance for Transportation Electrification, the Edison Electric Institute, the Electric Vehicle Charging Association, CALSTART, Smart Electric Power Alliance, ChargEVC, and Illinois Clean Air Now.

Recently, EVBox joined with 27 businesses that together employ hundreds of thousands of people in all 50 states to form ZETA, the Zero Emission Transportation Association. This diverse non-partisan group aims for all vehicle sales in the U.S. to be electric by 2030. 

“Working with these various associations gives us the opportunity to work with our industry peers to coordinate public education efforts and advocate for federal and state policies that promote EV adoption,” Gianpaolo says.


Open to the future

Along with REVOLUTION and our active role in sustainability associations, EVBox is also a founding member of the Open Charge Alliance (OCA), a global consortium of over 150 public and private EV infrastructure leaders. OCA promotes open standards for EV charging that allow hardware and software from different vendors to work with each other. This openness and flexibility make it easier for owners to manage their charging stations and protect their investment over time, which is crucial to enable and accelerate the global shift from gas cars to EVs. 

Not only are we a founding member of OCA, EVBox is also the first EV hardware manufacturer to be OCA-certified as compliant with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) —  the benchmark communication standard for charging service providers. The new Iqon level 2 charger, like all EVBox chargers, is OCPP-compliant. This key feature enables owners to choose the right EV charging software for their needs and to switch to a different network provider at any time, a flexibility that makes an EV charging investment future-proof for years to come. 

Values in action 

When you choose EVBox, you get more than an EV charging solution for your commercial site. Our leadership with REVOLUTION, OCA, and sustainability associations shows our values — to educate, to lead, to build a sustainable future and protect our planet — in action. 

“When you partner with us, you become part of this movement, supporting a diverse team of EV experts and their efforts to solve major global transportation issues, spur environmental action, and make the world a better place for everyone,” says Gianpaolo.

  • Many perspectives — We believe that to tackle global issues, you need a wide range of viewpoints. We learn every day from our diverse international pool of 550+ employees, representing 70 different nations. 
  • A greener planet — For every EV charging port we put into service, we plant a tree on behalf of our customer. So far, we’ve planted more than 100,000 trees. We call it, “OneChargerOneTree.” Also, each year, EVBox employees volunteer to plant trees in critical regions, as we’ve done in Portugal and California.
  • Proud of Pride  — We’ve supported Pride Week in our hometown of Amsterdam for years, creating special rainbow covers for EV charging stations across the city. This year during Dutch Pride Week, we donated and matched all charging revenue from 100 rainbow stations to a Dutch LGBTQ+ association and their inspiring youth initiatives. “We do this because we believe everyone should be able to be their true selves and feel valued for who they are,” Gianpaolo says.  
  • Part of a greater whole — As the EV charging brand backed by ENGIE (a global energy and services company with over $70 billion in annual revenue), EVBox is a key part of the sustainability transformation that ENGIE is driving in cities, corporations, and governments throughout the U.S., Canada, and the world. Our mobility solutions fit into ENGIE’s holistic approach to sustainability, which seeks to empower vibrant, sustainable businesses and communities for generations to come.  


Join the movement

EVBoxers are always available to answer your questions about EV charging, including options like the new easy-to-use and flexible Iqon charger designed for commercial and public sites. We can also explain available rebates and tax credits that could help you save thousands on your investment in EV charging. 

Reach out to us anytime. We’d love to help you find an EV charging solution that’s right for you.

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