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a close up from someone who plugs in an electric car charging cable into an electric vehicle at a residential setting during sunset.

Smart EV home charging: peak shaving explained

As electric vehicle (EV) sales reach record numbers, more people are discovering electric mobility and the flexibility...

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A closeup of a calculator, a light bulb and a small house model on a white wooden table.

Can you save money with a smart EV charging station?

With the world collectively switching to more sustainable modes of transport, electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged in...

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A series of solar panels installed on the sloping roof of an independent house on a sunny day.

Can you charge your car with solar energy?

Our world’s dependence on fossil fuels has been increasingly challenged in recent years, from an environmental...

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A series of power grids during sunset.

The difference between V2G and V2H

Electric mobility is quickly on its way to becoming the new norm, and every day more drivers are making the switch to...

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A lab where engineers look at the battery pack of an electric car.

How long do electric car batteries last? [Dec 2022 updated]

Last updated on December 21st, 2022...

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A closeup of a car charging at home outside a garage.

UK's EV smart charging regulations 2022 explained

Electric mobility has been unquestionably emerging in recent years and is expected to continue growing exponentially in...

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A casually dressed man plugging in his electric car outside a residential building on a sunny day. A cycling woman in the background is looking at the man.

Smart EV home charging: Dynamic load balancing explained

As societies around the world shift to electric mobility, more and more people are discovering the benefits of driving...

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A black Tesla is parked in front of a modern house on a sunny day. A woman is approaching the vehicle and another person is standing in the background, next to the house.

What is smart EV home charging and how does it work?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have never been more popular than they are today. Last year, electric car sales increased by 70...

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A casually dressed man uses a public charging station in the city of Amsterdam.

7 FAQs about electric car charging

Only a few years ago, electric mobility seemed like a futuristic idea or a hypothetical concept. Nowadays, electric...

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